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Even the longest journey begins with the first step

Exhibitions & Awards


+ LahnArtists e.V. annual exhibition "Alles offen" Historic town hall in Limburg an der Lahn

   Audience Award 2nd prize for best idea/best concept

+ LahnArtists e.V. spring exhibition "Auf dem Weg in bessere Zeiten" - Online


+ LahnArtists e.V. annual exhibition "Schönheit... in fragilen Zeiten" - Online



+ LahnArtists e.V. annual exhibition "Es geht um Wandel..." Historic town hall in Limburg an der Lahn

   Audience Award Winner best idea/best concept

I was born in Hadamar in 1984 and now live in Limburg (Hessen, Germany). Since 2018 I am a member of the artist association LahnArtists in Limburg.

Because of my mother's passion for painting, art has accompanied and inspired me since my earliest childhood. Over the years, ​​my own passion for visually expressing feelings and thoughts in shapes, colors and motifs has developed, also through my time spent in Barcelona sharing my appartment with an artist.

I prefer to paint to the sounds of Luduvico Einaudi and Hans Zimmer, here I can immerse myself in the artwork and completely forget time and space.

My paintings embody strong personal emotions, aim to move and encourage questioning.

Above all, however, they offer a lot of freedom for the viewers to interpret them in their own way.

I hope you enjoy doing this!

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